Steel service centre, machine shop KKR Steel Oy

While most machine shops have outsourced services and built production chains of various subcontractors, Riikonen has acted the other way around. The company has grown to a modern service machine shop, completing even the largest subassemblies, from the beginning till the end, using its own efficient units in Joensuu. The over 30-year-old machine repair shop Riikonen Oy, acting on the same site, continues as it has before, and the units of the service machine shop have been combined in the limited company established in 2014, called KKR Steel Oy.

Teräs Riikonen is, in some ways, just like a kind of comic strip hero, eagerly performing miracles with metal - without a red magic cloak, without big words and the famous heroic deeds.  An everyday hero can also be found fronting a continually expanding family business.


Co-operation creates superpower!