Machining capacity

KKR Steel Oy has long-term experience of machining, a good selection of CNC machines and modern expertise! Persistent subcontracting done to several machine suppliers has helped the company to make its operating methods efficient and reliable. The machinery designed for the processing of stronger steel has been complemented with thin sheet production machines in the last few years. Because of that, we can even produce large series cost-efficiently.


Our motto is: "Made in one go!" This means that quality and the purpose of the product are carefully kept in mind during the entire manufacturing process. Because of the current-time busyness and price competition, there is unfortunately lots of bungling work in the branch --- and if anything, that is really expensive for the client, considering delays and multiplicative effects! Therefore, it is everyone's benefit to aim at finishing the product in one go.


KKR Steel Oy - proper machining capacity