A service machine shop for efficient contract manufacturing operations!


The roots of KKR Steel Oy lie in the small-scale machine repair shop where the brothers owning the company - Juha, Jari, Timo & Reijo Riikonen - all learned the basics of machine repair operations under the guidance of their father Veikko Riikonen.

For more than 30 years, the machine repair shop has been continuously growing, and it has given birth to the machine shop next to it that is now larger than the original repair shop. The service machine shop was differentiated from the original company and established as a separate limited company in 2014. The name of the company, KKR STEEL Oy, refers to the company's roots, i.e. Konekorjaamo Riikonen.

The quick reactions and decision-making of the family company and its optimal price-quality ratio have brought the service machine shop an established clientele. Now, we are readier than ever for efficient contract manufacturing operations - ready to produce superpower for your company! Request an offer!